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Read. Suffer. Try to Enjoy.

The A Div Chronicles : Episode 1 - Prasad Dalal And The Fine Art Of 'Exam Paper Scratching'

This post deals with the only number that we in R.A.I.T really cared about. 40. That guaranteed the next 6 months ka tp at home as well as college. I was initially not too bothered about the fact that 40 is a must to pass an engineering exam. School/College mein it used to be 35. What's the big deal ... 5 more marks? Wouldn't make any difference right? Wrong. One semester down the line, I got the picture. Each mark after 35 is worth it's weight in lead.

And so begins this little story.
Before that, a little background about the person in the title. Prasad Dalal (henceforth referred to as Dallu) is the most deadly purveyor of pus-infested jokes. Period.

In the final year, he let me in on a dirty little trick he used to play while writing those (stupid) engineering exams. If the paper was a little tough (which is putting it very very mildly indeed), needless to say there would be enough time to sit back and admire your handiwork i.e the 'thaaps' you would have jotted down on the answer sheet. Most of us mortal souls would start preparing for the KT mentally...vowing to cover the chapters we had 'left in option'.

Not this guy. He would turn to the last page. Then manufacture another line, and leave the sentence incomplete. From the last word he would write, he would draw an ugly jagged line diagonally across the page till the bottom right corner, and then submit the answer sheet.

"Why on earth...", I asked, just as confused as you.

"So that the examiner sees the answer paper, and feels a twinge of sympathy .."

He then gave me his projection of the examiner's thought process:

'This poor chap was writing so hard and trying his best to complete the paper. When the warning bell rang, the invigilator, cruel as he is, snatched away the sheet from the child's hands while he was still writing, and that's what has caused this scratch on the paper...I think I'll slip in a mark or two if he needs it...'

Far fetched? It actually worked. Go Figure.
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10:47 PM, September 04, 2005
Anonymous Anonymous said...


aapne humein bhaari maatra mein oblige kiya hai...

But i really feel that everyone should try this out atleast once..
Just try and if u get 2-3 marks more than expected then, THANK this awesome BLOGG WRITER.    

4:09 PM, November 05, 2005
Anonymous vasundhara said...

must try tip ...:)    

9:47 PM, June 14, 2008
Blogger manisha said...

it worked really???

i dnt believ e it :P    

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