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Autology 101

Monday, June 09, 2008

Just when you thought it was OK to skim furtively past by here, hoping for no updates, here is one...

Traffic is one shrew which seems to get deviously untameable (sic?) with every growing year. Now with the monsoons here, one kind of
gets them heebie freaking jeebies... especially when you've watched lone dust roads get beaten into decent 4 lane concrete roads with almost filial joy. Only to watch that spanking new concrete being dug up again, to pave (is there a pun here?) the way for the Metro Rail. And also when you have statements full of self-belief like 'We are ready for the monsoons' from the powers that be. That inherent confidence in those statements is eerie. Almost as eerie as the wedgie that the monsoons give them every ****ing year.

Which brings us to the topic at hand. When you have all the time in the world (and the next) thanks to yebauve paragraphu, the following can provide a lot of relief as you shall soon see. Or something like that...

Just in case that trippy tissue box is clouding things up, it says 'Sab Lal Hai'. Which makes it very clear now, yes? Good.
(Note - I gave up trying to figure out what that meant, after about 3 tries and a half-hour wikipedia jaunt.)

Countless stories abound about the virility of our brothers from the heartland. I'm sure you've heard that rural legend which goes like "Hamre bhai sambhaalte hain..." (nudge nudge, wink wink). This is just the confirmation you need. Just a plain vanilla "Who's yo' Daddy" ain't enough here. No sir. "Who's yo' GrandDaddy?!!!" is more like it. (Grand)Daddy liiiike... (Grand)Daddy liiiike...

And of course, lastly, the sucker punch. Pithy, cryptic, and somehow, very very tragic. Has a very 'human condition' vibe to it, as the artsy types would put it. Had me thinking till I reached office. And looked up Wikipedia for the colour Red.

posted by Tapan at 9:22 PM