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Read. Suffer. Try to Enjoy.

Of Credence And The Clear Water Revival

Where do we even begin? The media is all agog with the story of how Mahim creek suddenly has 'sweet water' instead of the usual quality fare. Check this link out for example.

A little bit about Mahim Creek :
A fantastically vile stretch of sea front (!), which is guaranteed to polish off a good portion of your nasal epithelium every time you pass by it en route to Bandra or the western suburbs. Cheek by jowl is a dirty flowing stretch of water with hutments all around, lined with people who defecate, pee and bathe openly in it. All in all, a typical slice of Mumbai life and definitely not a place where you would like to stress AND load test your immune system.

But the hordes of people who have been flocking there to taste the 'sweet water' obviously think otherwise. It's times like these that all those homilies you would have read about Education and how it could change lives, start to hit home. Even if this is a supernatural phenomenon, it could have at least have done a better job in filtering that water a mite better as well, considering the water looked as brown as well... anything brown you can think of ( was gonna insert a scatological pun there, but hey...).

But nothing, and I mean nothing typifies the Mumbai side of the deal thus. People flocked to the sea shore to have a dip and sip, but they had nothing to carry back some for their family back home. Enter enterprising mineral water sellers. 10 buck bottles were pumped up to 50 bucks and upwards. People bought them, emptied out fresh mineral water, and carried home the elixir.

Now I know why a couple of guys in the background just couldn't stop grinning. The 'ispirit' of enterprise lives on. And how.
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8:28 AM, August 21, 2006
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well put...Its been a while since you've posted..keep the vitriol flowing!    

3:01 PM, August 21, 2006
Blogger GuNs said...

Absolutely STUPID. I mean, how can people not have any common sense? I am sure they've seen people peeing and shitting near the water and still they drink that water? What are they?? Brainless vegatation?? I mean, absolutely senseless. Education can teach a man how to live but I think these stupid people are still in the gene pool only due to some serious bug in the creator's divine software. Inexplicable !!

I've been around a few of these "beaches" in Mumbai and I didnt dare to set my foot in the water. I'd anyday prefer to take a 12 hour bus journey to my native place to have fun on a REAL beach !


P.S. : Great to see you writing again, man. I check these set of blogs everday and yours is one of them. No updates, not even replies to comments kept me wondering whats happened of you !    

11:02 AM, August 22, 2006
Anonymous Anonymous said...

agree with guns all the way PS included
u r too good man seems like am among a bunch of friends or cousins except that all inputs come from a single u.
the lingo is just that even the ingenuity , but uut the package so well together.
get a little frequent though.    

11:17 PM, August 22, 2006
Blogger Tapan said...


Thanks man... one of my few regular readers eh? :) Have been really caught up with work lately, not been finding the time. That explains the lack of newer gripes on here.

thanks... will be posting a little more regularly now... have got some breathing space currently.    

10:43 AM, August 23, 2006
Anonymous Anonymous said...

reminds me of the days we'd exclaim..ayeela! which u now put deftly as the WTF moments.anon 2    

12:41 PM, August 25, 2006
Blogger abeer said...

Some intelligent soul once remarked in the train that one need not look out the window to see if Bandra station had arrived. The stench at Mahim creek did the looking smelling (?) out bit for you.
And now... cut to... kudrat ka chamatkar! baba ka aashirwad... meetha paani! Suck my **** for something sweet is what I say!    

7:45 PM, December 12, 2006
Anonymous raghu said...

What surprises me even more is the affinity people have for water from the river "ganga". I went to sangam once... saw the boatman spitting on one side and a sadhu doing pooja 2 metres downriver.. heights of irony..    

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