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Read. Suffer. Try to Enjoy.

Eye Wax

Monday, March 17, 2008
Presenting some visual distractions. A little more cynicism than usual, might help you appreciate them.(Barely, though...)

1) When you are out to enjoy a meal, and regally ask for the menu, the below pic hitting you first thing out of the block, doesn't exactly serve as a very appetizing start to the scheme of things. One mother of an appetite killer, if there ever was one. Kind of reminded me of that poor dissected female rat, whose ovaries I had almost called testes, as part of my HSC Bio practicals viva.

2) While we
are still on the subject (different joint), sudden radioactive visions appear out of nowhere on reading the indicated item (follow the arrow). Especially when you are hungry. Assuming of course, that the dragon isn't messing with your mind.

3) From a brand of 'multi purpose' tissues, with the typeface stuck seriously
in the 80s, comes this naughtly little flourish. Check out that last bullet point. The grandmother of all etc's.

4) And finally, the clincher. There are no words. Just amazement.

posted by Tapan at 9:16 PM