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Read. Suffer. Try to Enjoy.

RAIT Alumni Network

All ye mangy RAITians out there...

Do check out the official RAIT Alumni site. A spiffy effort and a good place to reconnect, and find like minded people there to moan about how you wish that 'those' years would keep replaying themselves somehow. Yeah. That's exactly how good life outside Vidyanagari is. :)

on twitter: http://twitter.com/RAITalumni

The official RAIT Alumni Mag(RAM) presence on Facebook is at
On twitter: http://twitter.com/RAITalumniMag
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1:37 AM, May 19, 2009
Blogger SEV said...

Way better than I was expecting, man. I'm in.    

1:06 PM, May 20, 2009
Blogger Pagan Winter said...

Way ahead...

11:24 AM, May 23, 2009
Anonymous Soumendra Nanda said...

Tapan thanks for your awesome support buddy and thank you to all RAITians who have signed up! If you like our RAIT alumni portal or [RAM] efforts please tell your RAIT friends about it via twitter/blog/facebook/orkut/email/snail mail/carrier pigeon :)

Soumendra Nanda
Manager, RAIT Alumni Network at http://alumni.rait.ac.in
and Founding Editor, RAIT Alumni Magazine [RAM] at http://bit.ly/RAM_on_Facebook    

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